Stallion textiles

Stallion Textiles is one of the largest textile spinning mills in the world comprising of 156,000 spindles, producing 30/1 PC (Polyester Cotton) carded yarn. Stallion Textiles is located in Nooriabad Industrial Estate Pakistan with an 800,000 sq ft. all encompassing self contained, state-of-the art infrastructure on 12 acres.

Stallion has achieved extraordinary results through:
“Enhanced Efficiencies with Sustainable Consistencies”

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Foundation & Focus

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The Dagra Model

Mr. Owais Dagra’s career spans over 30 years, two continents and multiple industries. This vast and diversified experience coupled with his personality has allowed Mr. Owais Dagra to develop a unique business model known as “The Dagra Model”. The model has evolved with time and experience into a refined process of opportunity creation, platform building and strategic opportunistic growth, resulting in economically surpassing the conventional business approach by a significant margin.

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Business Process Optimization

Stallion Textiles has created a unique platform with a significant economic edge through a multi faceted approach towards Business Process Optimization. Stallion’s Business Process Optimization has been successfully attained as a result of focused initiatives in key areas that have all combined to create a sustainably unique mega textile business model.
These areas include:
Infrastructures Efficiencies, Energy Efficiencies, Operating Cost Efficiencies, Technical Re-Engineering, Process Re-Engineering, Production Enhancements, Specialized Research and Development, etc.

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